Maddi is an explorer, creative thinker and designer. Having completed a Bachelor of Communications Design at Billy Blue College of Design, she has a well rounded skillset in media, graphics design and content creation.

Having recently completed a Permaculture Design Course, and with experience in horticulture, landscape and garden design, Maddi is an enthusiastic green thumb who enjoys creating a unique space around her and delivers on design missions in both the digital and physical realms.

With a focus on naturally inspired, ethical and sustainable work, Maddi offers a diverse toolkit of creative skills to build brands and projects that align with the clients values and vision.


∙Graphic Design
∙Layouts & Publications
∙Logo & Brand Design
∙Videography & Video Editing

∙Permaculture Design & Consulting
∙Garden Design & Maintenance
∙Light Landscaping Work
∙Mural Painting

Based in Gulgong, NSW, Australia