About me

I’m Maddi, I’m a communication designer based in a little town called Gulgong in central NSW, Australia. I find joy in discovering creative solutions to design problems.

In addition to my design enterprise, I work part-time as a Local Landcare Coordinator for Watershed Landcare where I organise events, create engaging content and help people look after the environment.

Why design?

Good design saves time, brings ease and satisfies the senses. Design is a way I harness my innate creativity to help shape the digital & physical worlds for the better!

Solving problems is what I do. I have a keen interest in using patterns and details to create elegant work. 


Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design

5+ years experience working in marketing & sales

Branding, packaging & website for Tierney Lane Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Website Design for Watershed Landcare

Logo design & packaging for Green Gold Olive Oil

Logo design for Blueprint Planners

Logo Design for BOXD Platters & Gifts

Logo & print design for Carnivale Catastrophe art exhibit

Image: Mural collaboration with Mathieu Carlot