About me

I’m Maddi, I’m a freelance designer based in a little town called Gulgong, in central NSW, Australia.

When i’m not working you’ll find me in the garden, exploring new places or daydreaming.

Growing up in the countryside, I am inspired by nature and am happiest when I can walk out, breathe fresh air and see the stars in perfect clarity.

Why design?

Good design saves time, brings joy and satisfies the senses. Design is a way I harness my innate creativity to help shape the digital & physical worlds for the better!

Solving problems is what I do. I have a keen interest in using patterns and details to create elegant work. 

A designers education is never complete; my skills are evolving and I’m always learning something new.


Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design

5+ years experience working in marketing & sales

Permaculture design certificate