About me

I’m Maddi, I’m an artist & designer based in between two little towns called Kandos & Rylstone in central NSW, Australia. 

In addition to my design enterprise, I work part-time as a Local Landcare Coordinator for Watershed Landcare where I organise events, create engaging content and help people look after the environment.

Why design?

Good design saves time, brings ease and satisfies the senses. Design is a way I harness my innate creativity to help shape the digital & physical worlds for the better!

Solving problems is what I do. I have a keen interest in using patterns and details to create elegant work. 


Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design

5+ years experience working in marketing & sales

Branding, packaging & website for Tierney Lane Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Website Design for Watershed Landcare

Logo, packaging and website design for Green Gold Olive Oil

Logo design for Blueprint Planners

Logo Design for BOXD Platters & Gifts

Logo & print design for Carnivale Catastrophe art exhibit


Image: Mural collaboration with Mathieu Carlot